Monday, September 01, 2008

Follow up article to it Just Has to Work

I was catching up on my reading, and ran across the below article that had a similar view as my post on "It Just Has to Work".  Tom Hudock at Business Intelligence for Business People has a great post about a similar concept.

Now imagine what BI would be like if you could simply stitch your information together? Pull your customers. Drag sales volumes. Drop products into an information pot. Then BI does the rest. You then navigate the answers. Repeat with new information when ever you need to.

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Tom Hudock said...


Thank you for the link to BI for Business People. Appreciated.

Your comments about "it just has to work" are very true. In fact, part of the problem could be from too many tools out there in the market.

And vendors not having enough experience working with customers in real-world situations to design products that work for what they were intended.

Just some thoughts.

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