Monday, November 24, 2008

BI 2.0 - Process Centric

I was struck by the following quote when I was reading James Taylor's channel on the B-Eye network:

use business intelligence to make more timely decisions, monitor and optimize daily business processes, and to deploy business intelligence to a broader user audience


This is a great direction for what BI 2.0 could be.  We must consider the overall business process when we are designing solutions, rather than just the reporting or analytical requirements.  Without providing this full view we run the risk of having sub-processes optimized in such a way that the overall process efficiency suffers.  Say we optimize cost per unit from our suppliers to buy bulk, yet we don't account for the warehouse space required to store it.

As James and his colleague Neil Raden focus on, managing decisions is key to the next level of enterprise performance.  As you analyze the overall business process, the decisions points will become readily apparent, thus the analytical requirements.

Process --> Decision --> Analytics

One way to think of BI 2.0...


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