Sunday, November 13, 2005

Single Version of the Truth

How many times when we have been working with multiple business stakeholders have we run into multiple definitions of the same measure? Or worse yet when the same word(s) for a business definition are used when they are in fact different business definitions? Just read a good article on how this quest to find a conformed measure, or a "Single Version of the Truth" can be difficult to achieve. See the below link at Intelligent Enterprise:

When we are working with business users we need to understand that in fact multiple versions of the truth will be found. The most important thing is to accept this will happen and work with the stakeholders to define the definition to their satisfaction. We can then hope to label the definition distinctly to avoid confusion. As long as we as BI practitioners understand these differences and in fact treat them as separate measures, can we hope to bring clarity to these situations. The judicious use of business meta data to context the business definition when it is used will aid in educating the users of the information as to what is being reported.
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