Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Semantic Technology Conference 2008 - Questions

Well, Im in sunny San Jose now, and am preparing for my first day at the Semantic Technology Conference. Before I dive into the seminars, I think it is important to step back and understand what specific questions I am trying to answer by attending this conference.

Here we go:

· How can we bridge the gap between information and human understanding to make information actionable?

· How do we build a business model that represents how the organization perceives its products, service and customers? How can we put such a business model in place to help us organize information in a way that it is accessible and takes us to the next level of comprehension?

· How can we leverage user-generated semantic data to enhance applications to add context?

· How can we create a data discovery process that is intuitive and returns results?

· How does Semantic Technology apply to both Business Intelligence and a Service Oriented Architecture?

Ill throw these questions out for now, and will look to answer them over the next 3 days. Ill be posting updates to this blog as I have time between sessions. If you have any input on the above, please comment away!


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Todd said...

Wow, ambitious questions Mark! I look forward to hearing about your sessions. I like how your questions revolve around the theme of "information and people". We can create the greatest data marts in the world, but if they don't mean anything to our business partners, they are useless. Enjoy the sun!

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